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Investment in Germany

For the last decade, Asian markets have fascinated investors from abroad. Now, Asian companies are highly developed and competitive. More and more, investors from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan are establishing their brands in Europe and entering the European market. The first step is often a representative office. Long term investments require the establishment of a subsidiary. Also, a takeover of a local company will often be a promising option.

The European Union with a common market of 28 countries offers a lot of opportunities. Germany has the largest economy and population. It is located in the center of Europe with an excellent infrastructure. Stuttgart, where our law firm is located, is the capital city of the most prosperous region of Germany.

We are familiar with the expectations of Asian investors and we offer them the same reliability as they expect from their legal advisers at home. At the same time, we are familiar with both legal and practical problems that may occur during an investment in Germany since we are experienced in the local market. This special Asian-German combination creates the basis for safe and profitable investments of our Asian clients.